I am a Research Fellow at Microsoft Research India in the Algorithms and Data Science group, where I have been fortunate to work with Dr. Amit Deshpande and Prof. Nisheeth Vishnoi at EPFL. Prior to coming to MSR, I spent four amazing years at IIT Bombay as an undergraduate student. My major (with honors) was in Computer Science and Engineering and minor in Applied Statistics and Informatics. For my undergraduate thesis, I was advised by Prof. S. Sudarshan, where I worked on a theoretical problem in database systems.

At a high level, I am interested in devising fast algorithms with provable guarantees for various problems in machine learning, (combinatorial and continous) optimization and database theory (though I am easily excited by any theoretical problem!). The problems I have worked on/am working on are usually those of approximation algorithms for optimization and counting problems and corresponding hardness results, randomized numerical linear algebra and more general combinatorial problems. The tools I primarily work with (and try to build upon) are of algebraic and spectral methods in combinatorics, geometry of polynomials, Markov chains and probability theory and functional analysis. Though I have not explored the area much aside from a course during my undergrad, I also am interested by the field of Algorithmic Game Theory. Before I became involved in research, I used to (and still do) love exploring new and esoteric programing languages.

On a non-academic front, I enjoy playing Chess and one day plan on learning how to play Shogi, a two player board game similar to Chess but is more involved. I also love swimming and playing tennis. I am also fond of reading fiction in my spare time (Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings to date remain my favorite series.)

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